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Branding Built For Small Business

Creating brands with impact is a challenging but a worthwhile journey.
Learn how we craft brands with impact.

Good Branding Is Remembered

Branding for Lasting Impact

  • Brand Identity (Voice, Values, Mission)
  • Visual Identity (Logo, Color Palettes, Typography)
  • Market Position (Target Audience, Research, Personality)
  • Consistency (Key Messaging, Beliefs, Principles)
  • Story Telling (History, Purpose, Authenticity)

Creating a brand is creating an identity for your business. Think of your perfect target customer. Now imagine building a brand just for them to reach more like them.

Joseph Katsnelson

Executive Strategist

What Branding Means

So, what is branding really?

It’s not just about a look

Branding isn’t just about creating a nice website or about your social media strategy. Rather, branding is the identity of your business and how your target customer perceives your business.

It starts with you

For a brand identity to be formed, it requires your values, messaging, tone, and positioning among other elements to be formed into one identity – your brand identity.

It needs to be consistent

Successful brands are remembered because they are consistent with their branding. Once your brand identity is created, it is critical to stick to it across all platforms and communications.

It knows your key audience

Strong brands know exactly who their target audience is and connects with their target audience on an emotional level which keeps your customers loyal.

Why Branding Matters

But why is it important?

It builds trust

The vast majority of customers purchase from brands that they trust. Branding allows you the opportunity to establish that trust and drive customer loyalty and referrals to similar customers

It makes you relatable

Customers are more likely to purchase from brands that are relevant to them or which they connect with. Good branding allows you the opportunity to position yourself to reach your perfect customer.

It attracts who matters

Branding allows you to focus on your ideal target customer and offer a product service tailored just for them. When you understand who your target audience is and when your messaging aligns with them – the rest of the pieces fall right into place when it comes to marketing strategy.

Does your brand connect with your target audience?
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Not So Small Challenges

Small business owners often face these branding challenges

Branding is a multidisciplinary approach. Because of the effort required, businesses both big and small find it challenging to understand how to create impactful branding. See our answers to some of the common branding questions asked by our clients.

I’m not sure who my target audience is

With market research and going over your existing customer data we can create an avatar that resembles your ideal customer. We can then use that avatar to form your brand and marketing message effectively targeting customers that share similar values and response to your messaging.

I don’t understand how to reach my target audience

Understanding how to reach your customer is as simple as asking yourself, where do your customers spend the most time? What messaging do your customers respond to? With market research we would be able to answer those questions. Position yourself to reach them, and create compelling messaging which your target audience responds to.

How do I ensure my brand is consistent across different platforms?

Ensuring brand consistency across different platforms is critical for maintaining a coherent image and building trust with your audience. As an agency, we can assist you in several key ways: Develop Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: We will help create detailed brand guidelines that cover all aspects of your brand’s visual and communication strategy, including logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery, and voice.

There are so many competitors. How can I make my brand stand out and be unique in the marketplace?

Unique Selling Points and good branding help set you apart from your competitors as you have defined your mission, values and target audience. Customers are more likely to purchase from a brand they trust, differentiate yourself by winning over your customers and establishing that sense of trust.

What’s the best way to tell my brand’s story?

Authenticity and relevancy are key in telling your brand story. Think of your target audience and a create a story which compelling, relevant and connects emotionally. A good story is remembered and shared.

How do I create messaging that truly resonates with my audience?

As we dive into your industry, we will learn much about your target audience and will be able to create messaging that truly relates. Your messaging will include shared ideas, values turning customers into loyal ambassadors.

Our Solution

Our principles in creating winning small business branding solutions


  • Speak with one of our lovely branding experts so we can learn about your big vision.
  • We perform a comprehensive market analysis of your competitors and target audience.
  • We discuss your needs and explore what solutions make most sense for your unique position.


  • Based on our data driven approach, we collaborate and decide on your branding strategy
  • We position your brand with a comprehensive brand strategy and focus on your newly identified target audience.
  • We craft your brand identity which includes your mission, values, tone voice and personality


  • Your visual identity follows. This includes creating a relevant logo, color and style guides.
  • We rollout your branding across all customer touchpoints, ensuring consistent application from digital presence to physical packaging and marketing materials.
  • You receive your branding package which includes brand guidelines and your presentation deck.

Our Process

Your journey with us looks like this


We start with a value-driven conversation to understand your unique needs & discover points of synergy.


With strategy comes clarity. We identify your goals and craft a tailored plan to put us on the road to achieve them.


You are assigned a dedicated account manager ensuring a seamless partnership bridging our team to yours.

Grow & Evolve

Double down on what’s working and trim what is not, driven on realizing your goals we are your partners for growth.

Our Work

See some of our work

What We Offer

Crafting your brand from A to Z

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Pricing Plans

Pick a package that works for you

No more guesswork or extra charge scare. We offer packages with transparent pricing and flexible options designed for small businesses – individual item may be swapped based on your needs per discussion.


$ 1500 .00

For those who just started and need a basic branding kit to get things moving.

What’s included:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Name (optional)
  • Trademark Search
  • Domain Search & Registration
  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette
  • Typography


$ 3000 .00

Everything in the Starter package plus marketing assets such as pitch deck.

What’s included:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Name (optional)
  • Trademark Search
  • Domain Search & Registration
  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Website Branding Refresh
  • Social Media Template
  • Presentation Deck Template


$ 5000 .00

A complete branding kit including collateral and comprehensive marketing design assets.

What’s included:

  • Market Research
  • Brand Name (optional)
  • Trademark Search
  • Domain Search & Registration
  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette
  • Typography
  • Website Branding
  • Social Media Pack
  • Presentation Deck
  • Letterhead & Envelope
  • Branded Business Card
  • Merchandise Design (up to 3 different medium)

Words from Clients

Hear what our clients say

We had the pleasure of working with Starrd Studio on the creation of our company logo and presentation materials, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

They were attentive to our feedback, incorporating our input seamlessly into the design process. Communication was smooth, and deadlines were consistently met. We highly recommend their services to any company seeking a strategic and creative partner for their branding needs.

Justine Oh

Founder at Looptic